Releasing Trapped Emotions With Magnets


     Almost every incident in our life has an emotional component.  Normally, the emotion disappears after the event. However, sometimes the emotion is not processed and becomes stuck in our body.  All emotions are energy balls and can lodge in an organ, under our skin, in our blood stream or in the tissues and cells around an organ. These emotions vibrate at different frequencies and may cause illness, pain, disease, strange behavior or nothing discernable. They may manifest as depression, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, panic attacks and addictions. This phenomenon is often referred to as our “emotional baggage” and we all know how heavy it can be.  Most of this baggage is carried in our subconscious mind where it might have been difficult to access.

     The way we identify these emotions is by asking our subconscious database yes and no questions.  This is done by the use of applied kinesiology also known as muscle testing. The practitioner has a chart of 60 emotions and will ask your body which one needs to be released. The emotion is then associated with a date when it was trapped as well as any other information which the client needs to know. 

     The client then passes a magnet over the Governing Meridian which is from the forehead across the top of the skull and down the back to the base of the neck.  This is usually done 3 times if the emotion was trapped during this lifetime and 10 times if it was ancestral or inherited.  The results are amazing!

     By releasing our trapped emotions, we have the opportunity to return to the perfect being that was created by the Divine. Imagine what a beautiful world it would be if we were all this perfect?


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